Welcome to the Clan of loyal hearts WikiaEdit

you padded through a dark strange forest when suddenly you feel and immense weight bowl into your side, you look up it was a black shecat with red eyes, you must have looked surprised as she asked, 'Hmmm what are you doing on our territory?' You replay that you are lost and she says 'Follow me to camp i will discuss this with the rest of the clan.......

ranks received Edit

Leader: crimsonstar

deputy: cherryblossom (username: Dapplestar430) (moonpaw's mentor)

Medic: spottedleaf

Medic apprentice: open

Apprentice: Moonpaw

Warriors:cherryblossom (username: Dapplestar430) (moonpaw's mentor) (also deputy), hawkfrost, ashpelt

Nursery Queens: none

Kits: none


enemy's: none

RULES effectsEdit

No killing clan mates/ exile

No Siding with enemies/ death

no poisoning kits/ apprentices/queens/ exile in bad cases death

No disrespectful behavior to higher ranks/ scarred muzzle/ ear or missing eye

Listen to orders weather from mentors medics or leaders/ scarred muzzle

No eating prey on hunting patrols until the clan is fed/ no food for 2 nights

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